Right of revocation

Right to demand of goods

Notice of cancellation / Right to demand of goods

You can cancel the application for entering into the Agreement within two weeks without reasons by sending a document in written form (e.g. by letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the goods.  The period of consideration starts not earlier that Notice of cancellation receipt date. In order to comply with the notice of cancellation send this notice or return the goods in time.
Notice of cancellation shall be send to the following address:

Sir Harly´s Tea e.U., Mariahilfer Strasse 45/44, 1060 Vienna, AUSTRIA
E-mail: info@harly-tea.at 
or use the electronic form.

Consequences of notice of cancellation

In case of actual notice of cancellation the obligations shall be cancelled and financial costs (e.g interests) must be returned.  
If you cannot return the goods wholly or partially in this case you must compensate the cost of the goods.  When delivering the goods this rule does not apply; if the damage found during verification, as if you were faced with similar situation in the store, return of the goods is not possibleHowever, if you did not use the goods as a personal property and the goods are not damaged you can not return the value of the goods. The goods delivered by banderol shall be returnedGoods delivered in large bags will be taken personally.  You will have to bear the expenses for the return delivery if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered lot, and if the price of goods sent back does not exceed the amount of 40 euros or when the price of goods is higher you are not faced with mutual performance of obligations or made a partial payment of goods stated in the Agreement at the time of demand of goods. The requirements to perform the obligations for reimburse performed payments you have to send within 30 days after sending your notice of cancellation of the decision in respect of the order.

In addition take you attention to the following:

In case your contract partner conducts business with your unreserved consent before notice of cancellation or if you give a handle to it (eg. by means of information downloading and etc.) your right to demand of goods is invalid.


The end of Notice of cancellation

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